Why Companies Use Professionals to Manage Their Reputations

No matter how much advertising companies do, they still rely on word of mouth to succeed. The Internet has made it easier to review businesses, but online reviews have worked against many good businesses. Unhappy customers are very likely to write reviews, but only one in ten satisfied clients leave comments. Statistics also show that it takes four five star reviews to make up for a single one-star review.

With that in mind, many companies now hire online reputation management firms to help control the public’s perception of their businesses. Professionals can improve customer interactions with companies and harness the positive power of reviews. They also help firms develop valuable webchat and feedback programs.

A Single Platform Coordinates Customer Interactions

Consultants who provide online reputation management offer platforms that improve communications with clients. Customers generally have a better perception of businesses they can easily get in touch with. A single platform can make it convenient for the public to reach a business through a variety of channels. Messages sent through Google Click-to-Message, Facebook Messenger, text, or Webchat are sent to one inbox. Company representatives can then respond to each one in a timely manner.

Unique Tools Maximize the Power of Reviews

Companies also hire reputation specialists to improve the customer review process and maximize positive results. Reviews can make or break a company, so it is critical that it is easy for every customer to provide feedback. Leaving the process to chance can result in mostly negative reviews simply because customers who are upset are more likely to express their opinions.

Reputation managers address that by giving businesses the ability to text review invitations to clients. Companies get ready-to-send templates and are instantly notified of new reviews. They can also choose the sites where customers leave reviews.

Webchat Allows Offline Customer Communication

Consultants set up webchat programs that allow businesses to communicate with clients via text. Chat applications capture customers’ names and phone numbers when they send messages. Business representative and customers can chat on phones as well as computers. Webchat is mobile so clients can send and receive information wherever they are located. Texts improve conversion rates because 99% of messages are opened.

Feedback Options Identify Critical Trends

Experts also help shape business reputations by turning feedback into information that companies can use to steer decisions. Text-based survey tools allow companies to see customers’ opinions in minutes and respond immediately. They can have two-way conversations that make it more likely they can solve clients’ concerns. Instant feedback also allows businesses to see where changes are necessary and what actions will produce the best results.

Reputation management professionals help companies succeed by providing tools that let them control the public’s perception of them. Specialists offer programs to improve customer interactions, reviews, and feedback. They also offer Webchat applications that allow convenient offline customer communication with company representatives.


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